‘Academic is the generator to power life vision. ‘

At Victorian school, where academics meets talent, our main purpose is to produce an all-around student who is able to cope with current waves of the economy and technological development after completing high school studies. With a fully stocked library with materials for research and a Computer lab fully installed and has a Wifi the student gets an opportunity not only to improve their reading habits but also research on issues of interest. The books range from academics to comics, fiction and for spiritual nourishment. With an IT instructor who is an IT graduate, the students are equipped for the marketplace once they complete their four years learning at Victorian girls.

As the director of Studies, my roles include getting resources for learning, creating opportunities for benchmarking, identifying gaps in the learning environment and making recommendations to the management on how these can be closed up. We have symposiums, Quick test, contests, debate club, open-air questions all to build confidence in our students.