At a glance

Today’s youth will encounter a future that will look and work differently than the world does today, and that will continue to evolve during their lifetime. At Victorian Girls High School, our learning experience ensures that we’re preparing our students to shape and lead that future, not simply work in it. We know that our students will have different passions, interests, and talents, and we will work closely with each individual student as they continue to develop their unique abilities. Victorian Girls empowers all of our students to uncover their personal potential and sets them up for post-secondary success.

Teaching Staff

37 full-time teachers

5 part-time teachers

Average years of experience 10 years

60% of advanced degrees

Maximum Class Size

7:1 student to teacher

14 students per class

Smaller groups for language

60% of faculty

Graduated 2018

In the past five years, Victorian Girls High School graduates were selected to attend the following university Courses: