Principal’s message

An institution is as good as the leadership in it.

My duty as the leader of the great team in Victorian Girls, each day is not only exciting but challenging in its own way. My Key role is liaison between the school’s management and the staff [both teaching and non-teaching], the student’s fraternity, the parents and the various government agencies. I also teach Biology and Geography in various classes.

Having been trained in Special education and with a background in Counselling, this has helped me be able not only to interact very well with the teams I handle but also see the school fulfill its core mandate. With the help of the current Manager Mrs. Githinji and our able Deputy Mr. Masika, we have put in structures which have led to the school being voted the most disciplined school and a hub of talents in Ruiru Sub-County. Am a firm believer that every student given an opportunity can become great and achieve much.


The Administration

If you cannot visit during School tours, we welcome families for a personal tour. Contact the Admission Office or call 0701870871 to schedule an appointment.

Families love Victorian

Students start on the right foot

Graduate empowered

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Assistant Head of School and Strategic Advancement

The students know that am not only their leader but many have come to me and said, ‘you are our mentor’. My greatest joy is to see hope restored, dreams realized and goals achieved in each of our students.

With over 6 years of teaching experience and having climbed the ladder I have lessons which I find very useful in cultivating the right environment for the students to excel and the teachers to work in. I believe that school should be fun and learning should be enjoyable.