A nurturing efficient and affordable private school

Victorian Girls High School is a Center for Excellence and Talent Nurturing. We are affordable, efficient and dedicated to empowering the Girl Child not only with Knowledge but also grow their inborn talents.


All schools should prepare young people for the 21st Century, not to pass examinations. Our educational system is built upon pre-industrial ideology – classrooms, subjects, bells, and exams – reflecting very little of “real-world” learning. We are on the verge to establish the culture, systems and practices necessary to promote key features and conditions that we know are necessary to achieve best learning outcomes in the modern, digital era.


Known in nurturing students talents is one of our amazing achievements which opens up more opportunities for the students aside from the knowledge they gain in school work. We have appeared in several national magazines articles that appreciate our dedication to an all-around student nurturing institution.


With the manageable student population, our facilities are wholesomely available to all students. We efficiently use the modern, relevant tools to ensure the students are exposed and get engaged to the desired knowledge needed to shape and nurture their skills, creativity and innovative abilities.

We offer Computer Studies to appreciate technology since its the backbone of 21st-century career development and practice.

The library is updated with mind developing novels, journals as well as syllabus books and extra content for the purposes of research and creative thinking development of the students.

We are on the verge of introducing e-learning to our school to enable digital effective learning and easier broader teaching sessions

Daily menu signs are posted at the beginning of all meal lines.
Items offered as a part of lunch are listed within the grain, protein, milk, fruit and vegetable spaces on the menu board.

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